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If you ask most whisky lovers, they’ll probably tell you they prefer to drink their whisky neat. Yet whisky cocktails are making a huge come back worldwide. A good whisky marries beautifully with citrus flavours, loves a bit of spice, and can be utterly transformed by a shot of sweetness tempered with a dash of bitters.

Bascule, always at the cutting edge of whisky trends, has just introduced a new cocktail menu and, yes – you guessed it – the star ingredient in each of these irresistible concoctions is whisky.

Devin - Bascule Whisky Wine Cocktail Bar

I asked barman Devin Cross if he would care to explain why the team at Bascule decided to get creative with Bascule’s most treasured tipple. This is what he had to say

‘Our passion at Bascule will always be whisky. It is therefore such an honour and pleasure to be unveiling this collection of gorgeous whisky based drinks to our guests. The new menu is designed to get people excited about whisky again. We want our current whisky fans to learn something new about the spirit and for non-whisky drinkers to fall in love with it like the rest of us.

I get a couple of guests saying to me “Devin, it’s sacrilege to put great whisky into a cocktail”. I tell them they’re totally missing the point. Cocktails aren’t about masking the spirit (whatever it may be), but they’re about amplifying the beauty that is already there.’

I, for one, can’t wait to try a Rooibos Blazer – not just because it’s made with Lagavulin Single Malt (wow!), but because this winter warmer includes maple syrup, hot rooibos tea, lemon bitters and a cinnamon stick. Gluwein is SO last year…

Blog post by Jane Broughton

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