Visit the Spa at Cape Grace hair salon to get one of these easy summer hairdos from one of our talented stylists, Kelly Riley. Here is Kelly’s personal choice of Top 5 Trendy hair styles for Summer 2013/14:


THE MESSY BUN: Stylish, effortless and very versatile. Wear a messy bun low and on the side of your head for a sophisticated look, or make it more fun by wearing it above the crown of your head.

To achieve this look: Apply Redkens “GUTS” to clean roots, then completely dry hair upside for volume. Curl small sections at a time and apply anti-frizz hair serum, such as Kerastase, to prevent flyaways after curling. Gather hair with your hands and secure it in a loose ponytail. Place the ponytail where your bun will be. Separate different thickness sections of the ponytail and use bobby pins to secure them near the elastic band (the “tucking “ method). Allow the ends to stick out if you wish.  Repeat until all the sections are pinned around the elastic band to create a balanced shape. If your bun looks too neat loosen the pinned curls with your fingers. Spray lightly with hairspray.


GLAMOROUS WAVES: A simple yet glamorous look of natural loose soft waves that can be dressed up for an elegant evening out but is also fine for a day at the beach.

Achieve this with your GHD or flat iron by taking wide sections of hair starting from the nape of the neck. The thicker the section, the longer you must keep the iron on your hair to achieve a wave. To achieve a wave as opposed to a princess curl (barrel curl), turn your wrist as 360 degrees as possible and it is vitally important to keep the tip of your flat iron point downward. Once you have finished all the sections, throw your head over and apply a light serum upside down to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Loosen up all the waves and then you’re ready to go.


THE FISHTAIL PLAIT:  Whether neat or purposely messy, the texture and seemingly complicated pattern of this mermaid-inspired style provides a refreshing visual twist on your typical 3-strand weave. This 2-strand braid is the most simplest and it’s easy to experiment with multiple braids and styles.

Take a look at this video instruction for doing your own fishtail.

The loose MESSY PLAIT: This is a simple yet elegant look. Apply REDKENS “GUTS” to clean roots and completely dry your hair off upside down to create some volume. Flick your hair back, softly pull back the hair keeping as much of the volume as you wish. Take a wide tooth comb and back comb the mid lengths and ends very lightly, you do not want to overdo this otherwise it will become too untidy! Swing all your hair to one side and make a 3 section plait and start to braid. Don’t sweat the detail.


The Crop: This soft, natural, sexy look is stunning and the easiest of them all. Your hair has to be textured correctly by your stylist in order to achieve this.  Once it has been textured you can sprinkle some of REDKENS MATTIFYING powder and separate chunky sections with your fingers. This will give your hair a modern matte finish with amazing texture.


What’s going to be your favourite hairstyle this summer?

For a hair appointment at The Spa at Cape Grace, email spa@capegrace.com or telephone 021 410 7140.

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