Happy New You!

Happy New Year readers! I don’t know about you but I have been looking forward to 2017 for quite some time. And, while I don’t like to make…

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Lazy Lunching at The Kitchen, Maison Estate

If you’re a culinary enthusiast, you’ll know that the recently held Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards is an eagerly anticipated event in the SA foodie calendar. Each…

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A Lesson in Decadence: The Lindt Chocolate Appreciation Class

If you dream of chocolate waterfalls and buckets of cocoa, then stepping into the dazzling Lindt Chocolate Studio is probably the closest you’ll get to visiting a magical Chocolate…

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Watershed Christmas Shopping: Love SA, Buy SA

Christmas shopping can be an overwhelming affair and it’s easy to get sucked into buying panicky, generic presents.

The Watershed Market, located in the building next to the Aquarium…

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Hot Yoga Spots in the City

Hot yoga is a wonderful way to curb the holiday bulge, and the perfect excuse to have that extra cocktail without worrying too much about adding unwanted inches to your…

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My Grandmother’s Favourite Recipe

There is something so endearing about tradition, particularly when it comes to age-old family recipes.

If you are a fan of banana loaf, you need to give this a…

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Our Favourite Post-Flight Facial Masks

You’ve been flying for a good couple of hours and nothing cries for help more than your skin. Sadly, your time in the air has the ability to leave…

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Submerge Yourself in the New I & J Ocean Exhibit

There is something extremely fascinating about the ocean. I am mesmerised by the thousands of different creatures that live under our waters and how each one impacts the next.


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Our Favourite Father’s Day Gifts

Instead of another ‘World’s Best Dad’ coffee mug or a pair of grey socks that go missing (even though the heel and toes are colour coordinated), we’ve chosen…

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The Latest Scents For Him & Her

Choosing a signature fragrance is such a personal & challenging endeavour. With so many options out there, how do you choose? To help make things a little easier we have…

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