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After devouring many slivers of cheese at the Wild Peacock Food Emporium in Stellenbosch, to choose what would be appearing on the Cape Grace cheeseboard, I was reminded that our local artisan cheese producers are right up there with the best.

This was the final selection at Cape Grace’s Signal Restaurant and Bascule Bar, consisting of four South African artisan cheeses and one imported gorgonzola:

Buche Affinee, made from unpasteurized goats milk sourced from a farm in the Magaliesberg has huge depth of flavour, maturing from chalky to creamy. It’s produced by Gerald Tanesse, owner of Pepe Charlot, who produce cheeses the artisanal way, the French way, with no preservatives and as little intrusion as possible.

Healeys 12 month Farmhouse Cheddar is produced from the finest milk from a pasture-grazing Friesian herd, free of hormones or steroids. It’s made in Somerset West in the traditional way; free of all preservatives, artificial colouring, flavour enhancers or anti-moulds.

Udderly Delicous Caciotta from Darling is made by artisan cheese-maker Carla Bryan, who only has the capacity to make three a day. Her caciotta is creamy and smooth after a couple of weeks and becomes nutty and rich after six weeks.

Madame Fromage Camembert and Fleur exude robust farmyard and earthy flavours that reach their best between 5-6 weeks. Cheesmaker Ulrike is inspired by Swiss mountain cheese and the Fleur has a melt in your mouth texture between a feta and a mozzarella. Ulrike’s cheeses work beautifully with ales, lagers and Pilsners.  Come and it try it at Bascule!

Cremelat Gorgonzola is our one imported cheese and one of the most popular on our cheeseboard. It’s also called Dolce Latte; sweet milk and is a young cheese, which at 3 to 4 months is pierced to allow oxygen to carry the blue/green culture through. It is beautifully soft, full cream and rich in taste with a characteristic blue cheese nose. It’s used to pair with whisky in our Introduction to Whiskey in Bascule Bar.

The Cape Grace cheeseboard is just R120, so come and taste these amazing cheeses for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.

By Lorraine Meaney, Head Pastry Chef

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