Healthy Eating at Cape Grace

There’s a food revolution, happening right here right now but you’ll have to read further on to get all the details, but for now let’s start off with the current global food trends that are still gaining momentum from last year;

  • Heritage and distinctly cultural dishes
  • Snout-to-tail – using all parts of the animal, as demonstrated by Cape Grace Demi Chef de Partis Gert Bocking, in his pork dish that won him first place in the Inter Hotel Challenge . Watch out for the 2014 Challenge, which is already in its planning phase!
  • Locally produced direct from farm to table – Cape wines are a perfect example and you can sample Delheim wines paired with the Signal Restaurant Tasting Menu .
  • Locavores – people who eat only local produce within a certain radius
  • Gluten free products
  • Artisanal bakeries
  • Charcuterie; cured meats
  • Tapas menus, which Bascule Whisky, Wine and Cocktail Bar is famous for.
  • Pickling, fermenting and preserving
  • Raw food

The real food trend taking South Africa by storm is the rejection of traditional healthy eating advice which for so long directed us to eat low fat high carbohydrate, with the revolution towards a low carb, high fat diet. This vocal mutiny is championed by well-known Cape Town Professor, Tim Noakes of the Sports Science Institute. His low carb high fat (LCHF) eating formula rejects the disinformation we’ve been given over the past 40 years, which he believes is the cause of much ill health and obesity. He says messages such as,” saturated fats are artery-clogging”, and “unsubstantiated dogma that does not stand up to an intelligent and independent interpretation of the complete scientific literature.” (extracted from Tim Noakes on Carbohydrates).

Noakes patiently explains his reasoning on many media platforms, but it’s the book he co-wrote called ‘The Real Meal Revolution – changing the world one meal at a time’ that’s proved so popular, the first two print runs instantly sold out.

Have you read Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes? What do you think of the LCHF diet?

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