Spa at Cape Grace Manager, Taryn Lilley reminds us that summer’s coming and now’s the time to get the body ready.  Here’s her advice:

  1. Start your waxing routine again, so that your legs and under arms won’t have any embarrassing bumpy spots.
  2. Find time to visit a spa for a proper full body exfoliation – this will get rid of dull dead skin cells and leave your body silky smooth and ready for a spray tan.  I suggest the Kalahari Desert Glow Exfoliation at Cape Grace Spa – you’ll be left with a truly desert glow!
  3. Regular exfoliation of the face is key to your new “summer glow” and allows better penetration of hydrating serums and plumps up the skin. Try !QMS Exfoliant fluid daily for a natural glow followed by the Day or Night Collagen as a serum to protect in the day and restore in the night.
  4. Our precious hands take a knock during the winter months and again exfoliation is important, followed by a lovely thick hand balm to sooth, hydrate and work on ageing. Try !QMS Hand Care with a special combination of lipids to strengthen skin and leave them feeling soft and supple.
  5. Re-look at your skin routine. Consider changing products to something ‘lighter’ for summer.  I suggest QMS Liquid Proteins – this moisturizer strengthens the elastic fibres, building a protective shield against free radicals.
  6. Lips can often be left dry and flaky after winter, so spoil yourself with a Lip Blooming Treatment or add it onto your facial. It helps to hydrate, plump and give lips a healthy colour. Our 15min treatment includes lip scrub with rose extracts and a lip mask to hydrate this delicate area.
  7. Let us not forget our feet! Summertime means bright nail colours and pretty sandals. Treat yourself to a delicious Spalicious pedicure with your choice  Grapefruit and Thyme or Fig and Pomegrante fragrance.
  8. Protect hair before hitting the beach by using a good mask to hydrate and lock in moisture and then a leave-on oil to replenish and keep hair from going frizzy. Try Redken All soft  mask and Argan oil as a good combination.
  9. Now’s the time to get rid of extra weight that’s been hiding under the jumpers.  Current opinion on sustainable weight loss is to cut carbs. Read our blog Carbohydrate Conundrum and decide for yourself.
  10. Detox yourself and your food cupboards.  I bet you’ve got out of date food in your cupboards and spices that have been there for years! It’s time to throw them out and start honouring your body with as much fresh food as possible.


For more insight from Taryn read her Skin Deep blog post and find out why we use Kalahari Desert Dreams Spa Range.

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