“My favourite proteas are in bloom right now”, says Lindile Ben, the main man behind the Cape Grace flower trolley. And his choice is the beautiful red, yellow and peachy coloured pincushions, which last 2-3 weeks at home.

Proteas set the scene in Cape Grace with huge displays of these indigenous flowers and it’s Lindile’s job to distribute them. On Monday and Tuesday he refreshes the displays on the floors, much of Wednesday and Friday you’ll find him manning the flower trolley and on Thursday he’ll be putting the finishing touches to the magnificent displays in the foyer.

Here are Lindile’s Top 4 Proteas that he’ll make into a bunch at the Flower Trolley just for you:

  1. King Proteas: the enormous flower head that is the national flower of South Africa is truly magnificent.
  2. Madiba or Red Rex Protea: this very large bloom is just like the King Protea but with rich red petals instead of dusty pink.
  3. Pincushions: covering the mountainsides in colour, these leucospermums come with names like Goldie, Veldfire and Tango, giving away their vibrant colours.
  4. Sylvia: these rose-red proteas grace us with flowers twice a year and the second showing is at its peak right now.

Read here about other times when you might need to visit the Flower Trolley.

Where have you seen the best showing of proteas in Cape Town.

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