Cape Flowers at the Cape Grace Flower Trolley

There’s something so authentic about buying flowers from an old-fashioned flower trolley, with each bunch being so beautiful and bespoke. This is what you can expect from the Cape Grace Flower Trolley, displaying its beautiful blooms, available everyday, at the front entrance of the Hotel.

In the run up to Valentine’s day, you can’t help but notice the proliferation of roses and you can proclaim your passion with a dozen to go, or why not opt for something a little more unique for your someone special. Cape Flowers seems like the perfect alternative. Book your bouquet in advance by calling 021 410 7100 or email.

Rose Colours and their Meanings

There’s a lot of meaning behind the colour of roses that you give, and you may unwittingly be sending a message you didn’t intend! Here’s what they mean according to The Flower Expert

  • Red: an unmistakable expression of love. A sign of devotion, desire and deep emotion. You don’t give a red rose to just anyone and if it’s a dozen, it must be true love!
  • Yellow: joy, warmth, caring and friendship, but not romantic love.
  • Pink: pale pink indicates sweetness and innocence, but a deep pink rose can be used to convey gratitude or appreciation.
  • White: new beginnings, purity, chastity and innocence – hence their use in bridal bouquets (read our Weddings trends blog post). White flowers can also convey sympathy, humility and spirituality.
  • Mixed Colours: come from confused romantics who haven’t quite worked out how they really feel, but sure do like you enough to send roses!

 What colour roses will you giving your Valentine?

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