Signal Restaurant’s New Summer Tasting Menu Sensation

If you’re searching for a sumptuous dining experience in an elegant setting that shows off Cape Town’s very best assets, then make sure you don’t overlook Signal…

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The Eagle Has Landed

Treat yourself to a day out in the Constantia Valley and make certain your journey includes relaxing stops on the Constantia Wine Route. With 8 farms to choose from there…

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Exploring the Upper Blaauwklippen Valley

At Signal Restaurant the best things happen in three’s. From October to December we have another trio of wine farms taking pride of place in our Food and Wine…

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NEWTON JOHNSON – Where Heaven and Earth Meet

We’re half-way through our 2015 Tasting Menu line-up and this month we’re back on the road travelling towards the coastal town of Hermanus, to where ‘Heaven…

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Savour West Coast Charm with Groote Post Wines

As part of our 2015 line-up of paired Tasting Menus, we will soon be winding our way up the West Coast to a little town called Darling, to GROOTE…

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Signal Launches its New Tasting Menu with Doolhof Wines

Doolhof Wine Estate – The Valley of the Labyrinth

After another successful month of food and wine pairings, Signal Restaurant is now partnering with DOOLHOF WINES, from the Bovlei Valley in…

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By Mandy Rutherford
Images by Mandy Rutherford

It was with great excitement that I attended the preview of Signal’s next Tasting Menu with winemaker, Catherine Marshall. 

Signal has bypassed…

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Did you hear about Umami?

Can you identify the five taste sensations?

You can easily taste Sweetness, Sourness, Saltiness and Bitterness, but do you know about Umami?

Wikepedia explains Umami as “a pleasant savoury taste…

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Plaisir de Merle Tasting Menu at Signal, Cape Grace

Hundreds of years ago, sailors braved high seas and unchartered territories to introduce the world to the wonders of fragrant herbs and spices. In our own way, that’s what…

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