Merry Chritsmas

So, after weeks of speculating, it turns out that the rumour is true. The elves came out to play for Christmas at Cape Grace. We waited with baited breath to welcome these lovely little creatures back and admire their handiwork that inspire us to spread the love and good cheer with our guests and patrons.  The elves truly embraced the Christmas spirit at Cape Grace by tastefully decorating the entire house with red earthy crafts and indigenous embellishments.

While our guests are gearing up for a fabulous, joyous and delightful season at their favourite Cape Town classic, our team of staff are equally hard at work to create meals to delight the senses, ambience to delight the mind and unsurpassed service that will touch the heart.

We started our build up to the Christmas cheer by asking our staff to tell us what Christmas means to them.  They are after all the core of our admirable reputation. This is what they had to say:

  • “I love Christmas at Cape Grace as it is a time where our families come back home to us.  This is the time when guests have been coming to Cape Grace for the past years return and spend this special occasion with us” – Tanya Johnson – Guest Relations Manager
  • “The smell of cinnamon and cloves and the cooking on the stoves, Christmas cake and mince pies, brings a sparkle to our guests’ eyes. The jolly laughs send off, festive sparks, to all who play in the Cape Grace game.  Christmas carols and tra la la  is all you can see, when you join the Cape Grace family.  The LOVE and Warmth is all you see, so enjoy the festivity.” Ronothea Daniels – Hotel Trainer
  • “Christmas means celebrating the best gift that was ever given.  It means blessing and showering each other with love and peace.”  Leandri Ras – Acting Spa Manager
  • “It is about that lingering feeling the festive season leaves behind…the feeling of togetherness, family, sharing and love.”  Adielah Misbach – Front Office Manager

After reading these very special meanings, I then wondered what it would be like if we did not celebrate Christmas?

In the rush to buy presents and outdo last year’s gifts, many people tend to submerge the true meaning of Christmas beneath frantic holiday activity and over indulging. Personally, I quite like the over indulging idea and exercise it in liberation … every year!

Aside from big dinners and expensive gifts, we always have to remind ourselves that there are other ways to celebrate this important event on the Christian calendar that reflect the true meaning of the holiday, by handing the gift to the ONE whose birthday it actually is!

And even if you aren’t a Christian, you can still celebrate the festive season in your own way. So, why not consider preparing some special foods for the homeless and underprivileged, pay a visit to people who live alone or acknowledge the sick people at your hospital … Or you can just simply write heartfelt letters to one another (friends, colleagues, neighbors or family) describing how their acts of kindness have helped you through the year. Hand make presents i.e. bookmarks, framed family photos, holiday cookies or breads, décor from driftwood, paint festive words on a piece of wood.

On that handcrafted holiday spirit note, I hope you have a Merry, Happy, Blessed, Joyous, Fulfilling and Peaceful Christmas this year.


Philma Gomes
Director: Sales and Marketing

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