The General, Compass Box

By George Novitskas, Bascule Manager

It appears that the infamous John Glaser from the Compass Box range of whiskies has done it again with the release of what can only be described as an extraordinary blend of some extraordinary rare whiskies. With a name inspired by a 1926 Buster Keaton movie, only 1,698 bottles produced I knew that we were looking at something very special from one of the world’s most sought after blenders. This release follows the remarkable success of his previous brainchild “The last Vatted Malt” which just so happens to be one of the best whiskies I have ever sampled.

To understand the complexity and depth of flavor that makes up the General, one really needs to look at how this Master blender has gone about creating his masterpiece.

The General consists of 2 different parcels of blended whisky; one parcel was 33 years old and the other parcel 40 years old. Little is known of the origin of the blends within the barrel, however they could tell by tasting that some were aged in former bourbon casks and some in sherry.

By a meticulous process of blending the two together at different proportions, they had finally landed on the perfect recipe that is now known as The General. With tasting notes described as superb, rich in flavour that screams dusty old oak office, fresh polish, and Sunday church, with spices, oak dried fruits, squiggly raisins, and a surprising melting fruit-and-nut dairy chocolate finish, the result is a whisky with the “antique” character lovers of old whiskies seek out.

The General has been voted no.1 in the latest Whisky Advocate Buying Guide with 96 points. Bascule is fortunate enough to be the only bar that stock 3 of these bottles, in Africa. The General will be available in Bascule at R335.00 per tot.

Should you be interested in more information, come down to Bascule and make a date with me and The General!
Call us on 021 410 7082.


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    • Christopher - 15/12/14 -


      I have a bottle of The General available should you want to buy one.


    • Cape Grace - 19/12/14 -

      Hi Christopher. Thank you for the offer. However, we do have our own suppliers. Wishing you a lovely day further!

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