Blackwater WInes In Review

Just over a week ago I was invited to a special tasting of owner/winemaker Francois Haasbroek’s Blackwater Wines. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because Francois was winemaker at Waterford Wines for 8 years, but as with all budding ideas, 2010 dawned and so too did the Blackwater Wines project. Now, 4 years later, the wines are being sent around South Africa and the world for everyday enjoyment.

With a philosophy of focussing on the best fruit from the best possible vineyards in the Swartland, Elgin and Ashton areas, Francois ensures his artisanal wines are consistent – consistently good!

His range includes a White [the Blackwater Blanc], Pinot Noir [Blackwater Pinot Noir] and Syrah [the Blackwater Cultellus and the Blackwater Noir – a 75% Syrah with 25% Grenache].

Blackwater red wines are lighter in style than most Pinot’s and Syrah’s. You won’t find heavy oaking on these wines as only old barrels are used. This method requires patience – the wines are aged between 14 and 28 months depending on the varietal but this allows for more focus on palate weight, fruit and tannins rather than colour. These are classical, dry wines and they are as unadulterated as possible. Nothing is added, no commercial yeasts, no fining agents, nothing. It all comes down to sticking to the basics and that little virtue we mentioned earlier, patience.

If you’d like keep up to date with the developments at Blackwater Wines, you can email Francois on Alternatively pop onto the website – – or telephone +27 (0)82 329 8849. You can also follow Francois on Facebook [BlackwaterWine] and on Twitter [@Blackwaterwine].

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