Simple Minds Band

Last night seven of us 40-somethings piled into one [large] car and with our Simple Minds CD on at one notch down from ‘conversation-restricting’ level we geared ourselves up for their Greatest Hits Tour Concert at GrandWest.

Prior to the show, we received good news that our seats had been upgraded due to site plan issues which worked in our favour as it meant that we were now closer to the band.  It was a seated concert – a concept I still don’t understand – but as the first notes of the song ‘Waterfront’ began, a roar went up and very few people stayed in their seats; and when front man Jim Kerr asked ‘who sits down at a rock concert’ in his lilting Scottish accent, those still politely sitting didn’t need much more encouragement.

Simple Minds was founded in 1978 in Glasgow, Scotland and four decades later are still delivering the goods. They are Scotland’s most successful rock band and in 1990, headlined for the Nelson Mandela – An International Tribute for a Free South Africa event at Wembley Stadium in Britain, where ‘Tata’ was also in attendance.  Their last appearance in South Africa was 18 years ago in 1995.

My personal take on the show? They are an incredibly humble band who genuinely appreciates their audience and this beautiful country we call home.  Their love for music is honest and anyone who is still keen to do their ‘job’ 35 years on, well, surely that must be love?

They played a total of 23 songs and one of our party managed to get a discarded copy of the playlist [she also remained behind to stalk the band for signatures – I’m not sure how that panned out but at least she missed the traffic.]

If I can offer any advice to future concert goers, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you’re sitting that you can still wear uncomfortable shoes! I stood and danced for 2½ hours and clapped and clapped until my ‘bingo wings’ tightened! #sorefeet #goodtimes…

Unfortunately all concerts must come to an end, so with the words to their 1985 smash hit ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me), from the film The Breakfast Club, still ringing in my ears, Jim laddie, I promise you, we won’t…

Written by Mandy Rutherford, F&B Marketing & Research Executive.

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