Platandia tanzanite collection.

If you want to marvel at the rarity of tanzanites, you only need to visit Gifts at Cape Grace and the Platandia Boutique. But what happens to tanzanites that don’t make the grade into glittering bespoke pieces?

There’s a wonderful community scheme called the Maasai Ladies Project using tumbled tanzanites donated from TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd. These unrefined, yet hauntingly beautiful violet stones are strung together into necklaces and bracelets using a wire wrap technique taught to them by renowned jewellery designer Naomi Sarna. The end result puts the beauty of tanzanites within the reach of many who desire to wear it, and creates skills and employment in the tiny village of Naisinyai, in the foothills of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and the proceeds go directly to the ladies in the project.

Come and see the Maasai Ladies Project tanzanite jewellery collection at Gifts at Cape Grace. 

Did you know, the Maasai have an age-old affinity with the colour blue, which is regarded as sacred, healing and above all representative of new life. Many people now see tanzanite as the ultimate birthstone (irrespective of the month), and give this beautiful stone to celebrate new life and new beginnings. 

Book an appointment with Rob Burton, owner of Platandia – ideally located in Cape Grace, to create a custom-made piece of this rare gem, contact him via email at or alternatively telephonically on 021 410 7079.

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