By Mandy Rutherford
Images by Mandy Rutherford

It was with great excitement that I attended the preview of Signal’s next Tasting Menu with winemaker, Catherine Marshall. 

Signal has bypassed the traditional Wine and Dine-type of event this year and in its place is giving diners a month to enjoy our menu, rather than just a single evening.  We began the year with Plaisir de Merle and are currently showcasing Delheim Wines – a farm with incredible history and true German ‘gemütlichkeit’ so if you miss this one, be sure to include them in your next visit to the Stellenbosch wine route. 

From the 18th March Catherine Marshall Wines take centre stage along with an incredible menu – I know because I was there and you are in for a real treat!  The wines are superb and the food, besides being of the finest quality, offers countless flavours.  It isn’t often that pairings follow through to all courses but with this one, you’d be mad to miss it!

The first course of grilled prawn, cured salmon, avo purée, lime mousse and passion fruit dressing is one of the most appetising dishes I’ve had in a long time.  Catherine has paired it with her Sauvignon Blanc 2013, a wine full of tropical flavours and a clean, zesty citrus finish – a match made in winemaking heaven!

A creamy mussel linguini with spring onion, semi-dried tomato and a saffron velouté follows, along with the Amatra Jonno’s Wave Chenin Blanc 2013.  The dish shouts ‘eat me!’ and the wine offers great support with its intense aromatics of peaches, pears and glacé pineapple and fresh, lively acidity.

 Without giving away the entire menu, we go against the grain and serve a smoky, earthy Pinot Noir Reserve with fresh fish, celeriac puree and smoked mushrooms. 

Next is our Lebanese-spiced ostrich eye-fillet with hummus and melanzane, tabbouleh and sumac jus paired with a wine very close to Catherine’s heart, the Peter’s Vision Merlot Reserve 2011. Made in the memory of her late partner Peter, this wine is filled with upfront red and black fruit aromatics, supple tannins and a classic, restrained elegance – I’m guessing just like Peter…

Catherine-MarshallTo end we have a double-delight – two desserts paired with a fortified wine full of tightly woven flavours and aptly called Myriad.

The first dessert is made up of a toasted hazelnut dacquoise with Nyangbo ganache, brownie, vanilla crème and lavender mousse while the second one consists of gorgonzola profiteroles with pear puree, hazelnut ice cream and oat crumble.   The wine has flavours of Pinot cherry liqueur, lavender and hazelnuts with ripe Merlot black fruit – a fitting end to another perfect pairing!

Catherine-Marshall To book: Contact Signal Restaurant on 021 4107088

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