Carol-Lynn Ford

I love that heading; it’s a question I always ask.  As people, we walk past each other daily but don’t truly take the time to get to know each other and who we are outside of work.

So this is my story:

Many at Cape Grace know me as Carry but my full name is Carol-Lynn Ford.  I’ve been the Assistant Accountant at Cape Grace Hotel since May 2010.  My duties include assuring our bank is reconciled, the assets of hotel is accounted for, reconciling credit cards and many other adhoc duties.  That in a nutshell describes the “Work Carry”.

But there is a whole other side to me outside of work.  First and foremost, I’m also a mom to a 10year old son, Seth.  As many parents would tell you, raising children is a job on its own.

Then there is also “Creative Carry”, who is a writer.  I published an online poetry book and website in September 2013.  The book was a collection of pieces from my life.  After that, so much developed.

I recorded a piece with an American music producer called Unify, which was launched on UCT Radio.  A movie director from the U.S.A heard the piece and asked me to write poetry for their movie, Tea With Madiba, being shot in South Africa from February 2014.  So my son and I will be featuring in the movie and I will be reciting a piece called, Moment Of Reflection.

I also host monthly writers’ groups, which helps and promotes up and coming writers from different communities, all the work written is community based.  On top of that, I also write lyrics for a hip hop/gospel group and am also in the process of recording more of my own work with local producers.

So that’s me. My life,  my story – what I do daily.

To see more of what I’m involved in, follow these links:

 By Carol-Lynn Ford

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    • Ashleigh Noble - 25/02/14 -

      I loved reading this and learning more about you. Sounds like there`s a lot of exciting things coming up! All the best.x

    • Carry Ford - 27/02/14 -

      Thanks Ashleigh, glad you enjoyed it.

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