Our Top Winter Skin Survival Tips

Just as you change your wardrobe during the chillier months, so should you switch up your skin care and routine. After all, your skin is your largest organ, and keeping it hydrated and happy is important for your health as much as appearance. Our Spa manager, Taryn Lilley, gives us her top tips on how to best care for skin when the mercury dips.


What are the common skin problems we deal with in winter? Why can skin often look so dull?

Many people suffer with dry skin in winter (on the body and face), this is not only because of the weather but also because of internal heating as this also causes our skin to become dry and dehydrated. However, the effects of the weather differ according to skin type. Oily skin may love the cooler weather as it reduces pore size, keeping the shine at bay, while pigmented skin starts to lighten.


What areas of our skin do we typically ignore in winter?

Because our pigmentation appears lighter and our eye puffiness sometimes lessons in winter, people start skipping eye creams, sunscreen and pigmentation serums. It’s important to keep up our full skin care regime in winter so that we can truly see the benefits of our products when the harsh summer months are back with all the UV rays that cause our premature aging.

Diet wise, winter is also a time where many get sick or generally feel sluggish which also leads to dull skin. What do you recommend from a nutritional point of view? Any particular foods or supplements we should be incorporating more of?

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout winter with all those thermal heaters constantly on. Foods to add to our diets would be avocado and fatty fish like sardines and salmon. Add supplements such as vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant) as well as omega 3 as they will assist with moisture levels in the skin, great for maintaining texture and an overall soft appearance.


What are some common misbeliefs we have about winter and skincare?

The belief is that ‘heavier cream is better’ creeps in during winter months. Although your skin needs do change with the seasons, it’s important to know what changes you need to make. Often just adding a serum for that extra boost of vitamins and hydration is all that we need, while applying a heavier moisturiser may lead to blocked pores more than hydrating skin.


So then how should we change up our skincare products in winter? What should we be adding? What should we not be using or using less of?

Add serums and masks. Winter is also a great time to switch up your cleanser to a non-foam or a creamy cleanser for added moisture. Don’t forget your sunscreen; cloud cover does not block UV rays. Then, regular exfoliating to allow proper product penetration to keep skin hydrated and protected is important. This, paired with a mask once a week is a great way to give the skin a boost! While it might not be necessary, do look at your moisturiser, and if you need to add something heavier, consult with a professional before doing so.


Men are especially susceptible to ignoring their skin needs. Do you have a men’s range?

Yes we do. Gentleman’s Tonic is a luxurious range that was developed specifically for men. It affords the modern man a traditional barbershop experience as well as a variety of lifestyle, grooming and tailored spa services.

The core range is completely free from synthetic materials, harmful chemicals or additives, and incorporates only natural, plant-derived ingredients. The advanced Derma Care range is the first male only cosmeceutical line and is aimed at penetrating the lower levels of the dermis for excellent results.

Some exciting news is that we’ll soon be adding barbershop traditional services as well as men’s grooming and specifically male-focused anti-aging skincare to our spa menu.


Speaking of spa treatments, what kind of professional treatments are best enjoyed in winter? What makes the Cape Grace Spa treatments ideal for winter?

Cape Grace Spa has a range of treatments to keep you relaxed and warm all winter. Our rolling sands massage (our signature treatment that finishes with a warm cup of rooibos tea) uses scented warm oil or a heated candle along with warm bean bags to relieve any aches and pains. Our hot stone massages (in 60 or 90 minutes) are also great way to not only relax but also to iron out any knots we may in the deep muscle tissues.

Winter Warmer Pamper Packages

Warm up winter with one of three specially curated treatment packages from The Spa at Cape Grace this July. Enjoy hot stone massages coupled with express manicures, a pampering wash and blowdry, a luxurious full 90-minutes of bliss and a mud wrap. We pair our treatments with hot chocolate – the perfect way to wind down and indulge during the chiller months. See more of our winter spa specials here.

Blog post by: Tarah Darge

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