Bouncing Off the Walls at Rush Trampoline Park

I have concluded that it is impossible to be sad while bouncing up and down on a
trampoline. Times that trampoline area by 1700 square metres of wall-to- wall
interconnected bouncy fun and it logically follows that your happiness levels should leap through the roof.

But serotonin levels isn’t the only thing touching the ceiling at Rush Claremont. What with the dodgeball courts, an 18000-cube foam pit, hydraulic slam dunk basketball hoops, gladiator style battle beams, and a high-performance (read: extra, extra bouncy) area with a 4-metre high wall, there’s plenty to give you a lift. Even more exciting is that Rush Trampoline Park is indoors, so makes for the perfect activity for restless little ones that are bound to be knackered after a few bounces into the sea of foam cubes.

But if you’re more comfortable on terra firma take heed because Rush offers free Wi-Fi, a coffee shop and big screen TVs for non-jumpers.

For the Kids
Judging by the expressions of ecstasy that were around me, no one is more elated by the prospect of endless trampolines than the kiddies. Rush accommodates them with ease, and even has a ‘Toddler Time’ session for those under the age of four, so that they can safely jump around without fear of being knocked over by older children. Speaking of safety, it’s taken very seriously. There are well-trained staff stationed all around the park, and the equipment is designed to cushion any falls. You are also encouraged to follow the bold print jumping rules (and a little bit of common sense).

For Everyone
Epic kiddies’ parties aside, Rush also caters for adults with their dodgeball leagues, team building exercises and even fitness classes. But it’s the glow in the dark cosmic DJ events that has everyone grooving. Each Friday night, Rush transforms into a psychedelic party paradise, replete with resident DJ, lumo face painting and disco lights. And while this is intended to be a safe zone for teens to hang out in a clean, club-like environment, all are welcome to join in the fun.

Just Popping In?
If you’re keen for a bit of heart-racing freestyle jumping, book an hour-long session that will give you access to the main court. These open jump sessions can be booked online in advance or you could take a chance and show up (weekends tend to be the busiest times).

Note that you’ll need to sign a waiver (and sign one for your children if they’re under the age of 18), but can do so on their website if you’d like to streamline the process. If you’re concerned about your bags and sundries, locker space and locks can also be purchased on site so that you can bound out into your elastic world with full peace of mind.

What to Wear?
Each guest visiting Rush needs to purchase their own non-slip trampoline socks for hygiene and safety purposes. Aside from these nifty grips, comfortable attire and no sharp objects (belt buckles, studs or obstructive jewellery) should be worn.

Book Your Bounce Session at Rush Claremont Park
Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday – Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am – 8pm

5th Floor (Access to Rush from Parade Area)
109 on Main
Main Road
Cape Town

Contact Rush via email on or call +27 21 683 3841. See their website for more details.

Blog post by: Tarah Darge

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