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With Grace and Gratitude: Wishes for the New Year

Bottles of bubbly, merry gatherings of friends and family, and endless summer days in the Cape. While the festive season is one of fun frivolity, it is also a chance to take stock of the year and plan for the new one ahead.

As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on all that this year has held for us, while we look forward to welcoming in what we hope to be a wonderful 2019.

2018 has been a challenging year for Cape Town in many respects. It began with a water shortage that had us anxiously preparing for the dreaded ‘Day Zero’. We all made dramatic changes to the way we consumed our most precious of natural resources, as consumers, industries, big business and government rallied together. At Cape Grace, this meant introducing some innovative conservation strategies, and inviting our guests to be water heroes. We are thankful to all who so eagerly rose to the challenge, practicing responsible tourism and acting as global citizens.

Our collective efforts meant that we were able to reduce our city’s water usage by more than half! We held onto hope as we pushed back the Day Zero due date again and again, and were even awarded a certificate by the International Water Association which acknowledges us as the first city in the world to reduce its water consumption by 50% in just three years. As a city, we truly came together, and demonstrated the power of community and collective action.

Then there was rain! Winter brought an abundance of rain to the Cape, showering our thirsty lands with water, and replenishing our dams. We were ecstatic, and celebrated our renewed water stores, while continuing to practice our good habits – our eyes forever opened to the value of this irreplaceable resource.

Now, as we close the chapter that is 2018 and enter 2019, we want to express just how grateful we are for all of the wonderful guests we’ve hosted this year. We truly love sharing the natural and cultural beauty of our beloved Mother City with everyone who crosses our door. From seal snorkeling to wining and dining, cultural tours and even skydiving – there is nothing we enjoy more than seeking out the very best that the Cape has to offer, and then sharing it with our fantastic community.

We feel like 2019 is going to be one for the books! With renewed strength, an abundance of water, and a sense of optimism, we are ready and eager to welcome guests both new and familiar to the Cape, and look forward to unveiling some exciting new projects and plans that showcase just how magical our location between sea and mountain truly is.

We are particularly excited about our new Fynbos Tour and new Fynbos-inspired range. If you are eager to understand more about our national flower, and what makes our unique fynbos biome so very special, ask our concierge team about booking a spot on the hands-on tour.

Lastly, as we bid 2018 a final farewell, we’d like to wish all of our guests, visitors and readers good health, happiness and prosperity. We look forward to sharing more of the Cape with you in 2019.

Blog post by Tarah Darge



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Stay up-to-date with our hotel’s latest developments as well as our concierge team’s top recommendations regarding the best places to visit in and around Cape Town.
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