Winter Warmers at The Spa at Cape Grace

The chillier months can be hard on the skin, often causing it to become dry and dehydrated either because of internal heating or the dryness in the air (chapped lips anyone?) Many people also suffer from poor circulation during the winter months, causing muscle stiffness, and a general sluggishness that can be hard to shake off.

However, your skin is your largest organ, and keeping it hydrated and happy is important for your health as much as appearance. So while it might be tempting to bundle up under layers of socks, coats, and scarves, we encourage you to embrace self-care by indulging in our warming treatments at The Spa.

One of our most popular winter combinations is our self-healing body exfoliation and muscle relaxing mud wrap, followed by the Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage – ideal for stimulating skin, circulation, and relieving any achy muscles.


The Spa Experience

The Health bar in the Spa with a view of Table Mountain.

A visit to The Spa is always a luxurious treat. After changing into your soft white robe, and spongy, cloud-like slippers, you are led to the relaxation area – a beautifully soft-lit room on the 4th floor. Here you can indulge in herbal teas and healthy snacks while reclining on a daybed and soaking in the views of the mountain. The steam room and sauna are also available, so jump in for a detoxifying session before or after your treatment.

The Treatments

Blocking out the world, you make your way to your treatment room, enveloped in soothing music and calming scents. After being welcomed by your therapist, in my case, the wonderful Jodi, the fun begins. The treatment starts with the self-heating exfoliation and mud wrap. While I was anticipating a cold abrasion, the mixture was warm on the skin and smelled just as good as it felt. Jodi gently scrubbed my back, legs, and arms, as well as stomach area – helping to detoxify the body and boost lymph drainage and circulation.

Once coated in the treatment, I was tightly wrapped up in a plastic sheet and toweling, allowing the active ingredients to really get to work. All the while, I was treated to a heavenly light scalp massage – the pressure points in my temples expertly relieved of stress by Jodi’s skilled fingertips.

After unwrapping the sheeting, I enjoyed a pre-warmed shower – conveniently located in the treatment room. While the water rinsed off the healing mud, Jodi changed the treatment bed, replacing the scrubby towels with soft white sheeting and heating up the bed to just the right temperature.

After climbing back into the deliciously warmed bed, it was onto the next part of the treatment – the Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage. The premise behind hot stone massage therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body, have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. So whether you are desk-bound and fatigued, or have tension from being active, a Hot Stone Massage is the ideal way to promote healing.

I loved the sensation of deep muscle relief, Jodi expertly wielding the stones and using them to dig into the tight areas around my shoulders and ITB, the muscle-relaxant oil penetrating where it needed to most and kinks in muscles loosened and freed. I left the treatment room (albeit reluctantly) feeling softer and lighter than I have felt in ages.


Winter Warmer Spa Packages in May and June

Warm up winter with a specially curated treatment package from The Spa at Cape Grace this May and June. Massages are paired with manis, pedis, facials, or haircuts and shaves for the men. We also pair our treatments with treats (think scones, teas, or biltong and whiskeys) – the perfect way to wind down and really enjoy this winter.

Book Your Winter Treatment at The Spa

Bookings can be made by email, or by calling +27 21 410 7140.

The Spa at Cape Grace is open for in-house and public guests from 8 am till 8 pm every day, including public holidays.


Blog post by Tarah Darge



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