The Treatments You Need To Step Into Spring

Welcome to spring! Brighter days, flowers, and freshness. It is a wonderful time of new beginnings. It can also be a tricky time for the body, as the change in temperature causes the skin to go through a transition period. Essentially, what you need is a bit of TLC to get you looking and feeling your best. Our Spa at Cape Grace’s September packages have been designed with just that in mind. So indulge in one of these treatments, and get ready for the summer months that are finally approaching. We guarantee you will feel as fresh as daisy.

Get feet sandal-ready

This one is gender-neutral. You need a pedicure before slipping into a shoe that shows off your feet. With a single treatment, our medi-heel pedicure treats dry and cracked heels, restoring them to ‘baby feet’ status. The medi-heel chemical formula removes dead skin cells without any filing or rasping, and so is also gentle on the feet – almost like a vacation for your toes.

Achieve that glowy look

During this time of year, our skin tends to go through a bit of a transition period while trying to adjust to the change between hot and cold temperatures each day. It is the perfect time to start to move on to a lighter texture skincare cream that focuses on providing hydration around the clock. Did you know that we stock a range of skincare brands? We love the QMS moisturizers, all of which nourish and balance the skin while providing protection against the elements. Of course, a great SPF is key.

Prepare for sleeveless season

Almost like spring cleaning the body, we recommend a detox massage using cupping therapy in combination with a cellulite treatment oil to assist with circulation. This helps rid the body of built up toxins. It is always good to combine this massage with a great body exfoliation to keep your skin smooth and allow body creams/balms or oils to really penetrate to the deeper layers where they are needed.

Of course, the good work needs to continue at home. We have an amazing sugar scrub that heats up as you apply it, which is excellent for a homecare spring detox exfoliation.


Protect hair before going lighter

Spring is a great time to refresh your look with a new, shiny colour, or by adding a few natural highlights to add a bit of depth. Our Hairstylist, Vuvu, has the following advice for spring haircare:

“The change of season does tend to dry the hair out quite a bit, so focus on making sure you use a good quality conditioner (start using leave-in conditioner) and a moisture mask treatment to nourish and protect your hair.”

We have a fabulous Keratin treatment in the salon that protects the hair and makes it simple to style every day while still keeping the healthy shine intact. The main focus really is to give your hair some attention and a little extra attention. Bye-bye brittle breakage.

Hydrate with Spa Water

Spa water, with cucumbers, mint, and lemon, is the ideal hydrating drink for summer. Cucumbers, lemons, and mint are all rich in antioxidants, which soothe skin while fighting free radicals, keeping skin looking fresh. Drink up!

Book a treatment at The Spa

You deserve to look your best this season. Book one of our Cape Grace September Spa Treatments and step into spring with style.

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