The encroaching colder months in the South means that we’re reluctantly packing away our slip slops and donning our boots, scarves and coats. And while winter is a wonderful time to experience cosy dinners, hot chocolates and layers of snuggly blankets, it can also mean that our skin and health take a backseat.

Booking a regular skin detoxifying treatment, like the Signature Kalahari Body Cocoon, is a fantastic (and luxurious) way to boost circulation and energise the body. It also helps to buff away any dead or dull skin- perfect for keeping the unwanted ‘scaly’ look at bay.

The Kalahari Signature Treatments all involve the use of naturally derived ingredients sourced from our very own South African Kalahari Desert. The sustainably sourced botanical oils, rich muds, red sands and scrubs not only nourish skin but envelop all the senses in an experience of sight, touch, sound and smell.

The Body Cocoon Experience
My Body Cocoon treatment at the Spa at Cape Grace began with my entry into the dimly lit, tranquil treatment room- the lit candles and soft music already hushing the noise of a harried day. After a quick consultation, my welcoming therapist, Namhla, invited me to lie down on the towelled treatment bed, to begin the 2-in- 1 scrub and mask. We elected the Rooibos (red bush) option – infused with soft apricot kernels. While I was anticipating a cold abrasion, the mixture was warm and delicious on the skin and smelled just as good as it felt.

Namhla gently scrubbed my back, legs and arms, as well as stomach area – helping to detoxify the body and boost lymph drainage and circulation.

Once coated in the botanical antioxidant treatment, Namhla wrapped the soft surrounding towels around my limbs, before cocooning me in the comforting weight of a layer of blankets.

All wrapped up I felt the mask-like scrub tingle and activate. While it got to work, I was treated to an utterly heavenly light scalp massage – the pressure points in my temples expertly relieved of stress by Namhla’s skilled fingertips.

After the body buff, I enjoyed a pre-warmed shower – conveniently located in the treatment room. While jets of water rinsed off any residue, Namhla changed the treatment bed, replacing the scrubby towels with soft white sheeting.

Climbing back under the sheets, my treatment concluded with a slathering of Baobab body balm – massaged into every scrubbed area, from my fingers right down to my toes.

Special Touches
Each Kalahari Treatment comes with a surprise gift- a touch that communicates the care and culture of its African origins. I love my message stones, engraved with the words ‘peace’ and ‘joy’ – sentiments I radiated after my 60-minute treatment. As if that wasn’t enough I was also treated to the delightful Rooibos Tea Ceremony – the locally sourced antioxidant tea served in a miniature, handmade clay teapot.

Kalahari Signature Home Products
All the products used in the Signature Kalahari Treatments are available for purchase from the Spa reception area. After chatting to Namhla about a home treatment plan for winter, I was recommended the Desert Mineral Exfoliator, the Baobab Body Balm and the fantastic Botanical Massage Candle.

The Shea Butter and Soya Bean candles are made from oils that melt when lit. After blowing out the candle, one would pour a tiny bit of the warmed oil into the hands and then use it to deeply moisturise any dry areas of the body. The little pot that the candle comes in is also handmade by ladies in the Kalahari Desert as part of a worthy employment initiative, so each one is completely unique! I shall definitely be picking up a few for wintery days at home.

Book Your Kalahari Cocoon Treatment

  • Bookings can be made by email, or by calling +27 21 410 7140.
  • The Spa at Cape Grace is open from 8 am till 8 pm every day, including public holidays.

Blog post by: Tarah Darge

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