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Sports Recovery: Swedish Massage at the Spa at Cape Grace

Not much comes close to the heavenly sensation of being enveloped in a bed of white fluffy linen while a skilled therapist relieves your tight muscles, each one relenting to the rhythmic pressure and woody oils that loosen even the most stubborn of knots.

That, in essence, is the beauty of a Swedish Full Body Massage – a particularly wondrous recovery treat for those training for and competing in the imminent Cape Town Marathon.

So, after you’ve victoriously claimed your medal, shuffle off to book your own 60 minutes of bliss at the Spa at Cape Grace.

The Benefits of a Swedish Massage
Aside from feeling utterly sensational, a Swedish Massage has serious health benefits that aid muscle recovery and help to destress both the body and mind.

Massage techniques like kneading, gliding, and cross-fibre friction encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage – fantastic for reducing the painful effects of lactic acid buildup and inflammation in the muscles. The stimulation of the skin can even reduce scar tissue and improve general circulation.

If you haven’t competed in a major sporting event, don’t feel left out! The Swedish Massage’s primary goal is relaxation and the reduction of physical and emotional stress that arise out everyday life (here’s looking at you traffic). It’s also the ideal introductory massage and isn’t designed to leave muscles feeling to vigorously pummelled.

The Massage Experience
After chatting to Thandi, my wonderful and warm masseuse, about any particularly sore areas (upper back and shoulders for me), and selecting a pressure level, I slipped into the cushioned massage bed where I lay face down and inhaled the scent of the oils positioned on the floor beneath my exposed face.

As is custom, Thandi began on my back, using her hands, as well as arms to work away tension in each muscle group, gliding her arms up and down each side of my spine in a smooth, wave-like rhythm. After paying attention to my especially tight neck, she moved onto my legs, kneading my aching calves and thighs until the effects of even the toughest of climbs retreated, all but forgotten.

After spending a little time on my head (this is optional so leave it out if you’d rather not have oily hair), I flipped over and scooted down, before being covered by the weight of the crispy white duvet again. In turn, Thandi massaged the front of each leg, as well as my feet and arms, before finishing up with my neck and scalp once more.

The combined sensation of the oils, gentle lulling music and Thandi’s skilled hands ensured that my aching body was left feeling revived and rejuvenated – ready to tackle the next big race (or that work deadline) with renewed energy.

Book Your Swedish Full Body Massage

  • The Swedish Full Body Massage can be booked for 60 or 90-minute sessions.
  • Contact The Spa at Cape Grace on 021 410 7100 or mail to book.
  • View the full list of treatments here.

Blog post by: Tarah Darge

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Stay up-to-date with our hotel’s latest developments as well as our concierge team’s top recommendations regarding the best places to visit in and around Cape Town.
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