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Heirloom Restaurant

Heirloom, a culinary legacy, where tradition finds new expression.


In the nature of its namesake, Heirloom finds its values in preserving the rich heritage of culinary tradition, nurturing it with care and dedication to create enduring experiences that echo through time.  At Heirloom, under the helm of Chef Asher Abramowitz, we celebrate the unhurried spirit and bountiful terroir of South Africa through the rhythm of each passing season. Guided by the culinary expertise of Chef Gregory Czarnecki, renowned for his mastery of flavours, our restaurant stands as a living legacy where tradition finds fresh expression, creativity flourishes, and stories are told through taste, texture, and exceptional technique.


Committed to excellence and attentive service, dining at Heirloom promises an unforgettable journey, a cherished memory to revisit – time and again.


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To ensure that you have an extraordinary culinary journey with us, please fill out the reservation form below. Whether it is a romantic dinner, a family celebration, or a gathering of friends, we look forward to hosting you and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

You are welcome to browse our menus here:

Heirloom Tasting & Degustation Menu

Heirloom Plant-Based Menu

Heirloom Pescatarian Menu

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*Kindly note that these are a sample of our menus. Our menus, ingredients and prices are subject to change. Please contact the Heirloom team if you have any questions.

More Information

Collaborating Chef: Gregory Czarnecki

Cape Grace is excited to expand its epicurean offering by collaborating with Chef Gregory Czarnecki. A culinary visionary in his own right, Chef Gregory is known for his precision and ability to showcase each ingredient to the best and purest of its ability. His inspired approach to food, attention to detail and creativity is what set him apart – a cutting-edge, authentic, and truly unique chef. 


This partnership with Chef Gregory marks a significant milestone for Cape Grace as we continue to explore new culinary horizons.

Book a private dining experience

The moment you step through the beautifully inlaid double doors, you enter a magical realm of elegance, opulence, and grace that somehow also succeeds in feeling ultra-contemporary. Tucked within our new Heirloom Restaurant, is a private dining room that seats 10 people comfortably, making it the ideal venue for special occasions, discreet dinners, intimate celebrations, and set menus curated by our chefs.

Exquisite, delicate beauty meets modern perfectionism – our private dining room will not fail to impress and enchant. Featuring botanically inspired wallpaper, that is alive with local, indigenous fauna, distinctive petal-shaped chandeliers, luxurious seating, and a long table that begs to be shared with special guests.

For bookings & curated menus please contact

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